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    Staff Spotlight No.1 (en)

    Staff Spotlight No.1 (en)

    By Rosie Silver on February 17, 2018 in

    le candille, wine, team, French Riviera

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    Welcome to our first ever Staff Spotlight!


    At Le Mas Candille, we are nothing without our amazing team. They are the first to welcome our guests as they pull into the driveway, and the last ones left waving them goodbye at the end of their stay. We have therefore decided to recognise our fantastic staff through "Staff Spotlights," to really put some names to faces, whether they work at reception, in the kitchens and restaurants, housekeeping, or the back office.

    To kickstart the first Staff Spotlight of 2018, we are very proud to introduce Sergey Ionin, Maître d'Hôtel of our gastronomic restaurant, Le Candille!



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    ~ Whart made you move to France? ~

      • It was by chance. I was part of a programme run by the Russian Embassy in Paris to improve my French, become a teacher, and learn more about intercultural management. We had to do a few months of work experience and I chose to do mine at a hotel in St Tropez. I really enjoyed it and decided to continue my studies in Nice, so as to specialise in gastronomic and Michelin catering and management.


    We personally are very happy Sergey found his passion for the hotel industry under the sun of the French Riviera, and even more so that it led him to Le Mas Candille!

    • Having started as head waiter in during the summer of 2014, Sergey returned in 2016 as Assistant Manager of the Candille Restaurant. He then, only a year ago, went on to become Maître d’Hôtel. This is not surprising. Sergey goes out of his way to help our guests, to help out whenever necessary, and to work in harmony with the rest of the team. 


     What do you like best about your position as Maître d’Hôtel? ~

      • I really value the ability to pass on what I've learnt to those who are just starting out in the hotel industry. I also love the technique, savoir-faire, and precision that goes with the job. Oh, and cheese. I love cheese, haha! 


    ~ So tell us, you are currently on a course to become a sommelier, too? ~

    • Yes, exactly, to become Sommelier-Caviste. It's a year-long course, and I'm due to complete it in a few months.


    ~ What is it about, exactly? ~

    • It's specifically about the management of the wine cellar, really understanding and interpreting the wine list, and correctly pairing wine and foods together. 
    • ~ What made you decide to take the course? ~
      • As much as I really like learning new things, I'm fascinated by wine itself, and the study of it. It's also fantastic for my professional development.


    • ~ What is your favourite kind of wine? ~
    • Champagne!
    • ~ And finally, what is the best part about living on the Côte d’Azur? ~
    •  Definitely the sunshine and the luxury!

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    Keep an eye out for our next Staff Spotlight! 

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