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    Le Mas Candille Blog

    New kid on the block!

    When a snazzy invitation comes into your in-box for the official opening of a new craft beer and cocktail bar in nearby Nice, what's a girl to do but accept and head on over!...

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    Tips on where to go and what to see near Mougins

    It is well-known that the Côte d’Azur is famed for its gorgeous location, stunning beaches and hills, delicious food, and eclectic art galleries. But as a longtime resident of this special place, I want to tell you about a few of my favourite things to eat, see and do on the Côte d’Azur which might ...

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    L'heure du thé au Mas Candille!

    By Tina Silver on July 05, 2017 in

    Insider, Afternoon Tea

      Depuis que je me suis installée au fabuleux Côte d’Azur il y a presque 15 ans (déjà ?! Et je pensais que ça ne serai que pour 18 mois !), on m’a posé la même question peut être 800 fois.   Qu’est-ce qu’en Angleterre vous manque le plus ?  ...

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    Côte d’Azur : les meilleures plages

    Alors que nous avons certainement les piscines les plus merveilleuses et séduisantes au Mas Candille, la plupart des visiteurs sur la Côte d’Azur vont à un moment ou un autre passer un peu de temps à la plage....

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    Côte d'Azur Secrets: Best beaches

    While we admittedly have the best and most glamorous pools at Le Mas Candille, most visitors to the French Riviera will spend at least some of their time at the beach....

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    Behind The Scenes With The Stars

    There’s only one time of year when it's perfectly normal to see women walking down the Croisette in 80 degrees of sunshine wearing diaphanous ball gowns and dazzling diamonds at 4pm and that is Cannes Film Festival....

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    An Authentic French Market on the Côte d'Azur.

    By Tina Silver on April 02, 2017 in

    Insider, Markets

    Do you dream of wandering round a French market, enjoying the colourful sights, enticing scents & quintessential sounds of France?  Then be sure to visit Le Mas Candille on Saturday April 8th as they hold their local produce & suppliers market on the beautiful terrace of Le Candille, the ...

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    What's love got to do with it?

    By Tina Silver on January 30, 2017 in

    Insider, romance, love, authentic

    Anyone else feeling the pressure to deliver the best Valentine's gift?   No? Just me then?  Actually, let me share something with you about St. Valentine's day in our house: I never feel stressed about which gift/card/experience to buy/choose/reserve (feel free to delete (or add to) these options ...

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