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    Le Mas Candille Blog

    Staff Spotlight No.1 (en)

    By Rosie Silver on February 17, 2018 in

    le candille, wine, team, French Riviera


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    Staff Spotlight No.1

    By Rosie Silver on February 11, 2018 in

    côte d'azur, le candille, team, vin, équipe


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    Sérénité en Provence- Retrouver votre beauté intérieure au Spa Candille

    By Jen Mizak on January 10, 2018 in

    spa, côte d'azur, le candille, cocooning

      Je dois l'avouer. Je me suis endormi. Ce n'est pas quelque chose que je fais habituellement pendant un massage parce que je préfère les savourer. Alors mes excuses à Jade, maîtresse de la relaxation, au Spa Candille - et mes remerciements les plus sincères pour une heure de détente profonde. Pour ...

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    Le Candille: la Cuisine Michelin dans le Sud de la France

    Au Candille, on ne fait pas que 'manger le dîner'. Le dîner, c'est pour ceux qui sont pressés; qui ont une émission a regarder, ou qui doivent aller à un rendez-vous. Ici, vous dégustez. Vous ressentissez. Vous savourez. Vous inspirez et goûtez le terroir du Sud de la France. Ne vous y trompez pas ...

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    Le Candille: Michelin Dining in the South of France

    You do not ‘eat dinner’ at Le Candille. Dinner is for those who are in a rush; who have a television program to watch or a place to be. Dinner is for people in a hurry. Here, you dine. You experience. You savor. You breathe and taste the terroir of Southern France. Make no mistake - this is local ...

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    Tranquility in Provence – Find Your Inner Beauty at Spa Candille

    By Jen Mizak on December 14, 2017 in

    spa, le candille, French Riviera

      I have to confess. I fell asleep. It’s not something I usually do during a massage because I prefer to savor them. So my apologies to Jade, master of relaxation, at Spa Candille – and my most sincere thanks for a deeply relaxing hour. In my defense, she did mention that falling asleep is good for ...

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    Sweet dreams are made of cheese...

    If you’ve ever spent any time in France, you’ll know that cheese is a vital aspect of everyday life, (honestly, this is hardly an exaggeration). I was lucky enough to live in the south of France for ten years and still come back to visit whenever I can. Just a heads up: I love cheese, whether it’s ...

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