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    Le Mas Candille Blog

    Watercolour workshop in beautiful Mougins

    When asked to test a proposed new activity or day trip for guests at Le Mas Candille, the five star luxury hotel in Mougins, and told it included a gentle walk along one of my favourite spots with pauses to paint the views, and that it would finish with lunch at one of the hilltop village's ...

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    Le Candille: la Cuisine Michelin dans le Sud de la France

    Au Candille, on ne fait pas que 'manger le dîner'. Le dîner, c'est pour ceux qui sont pressés; qui ont une émission a regarder, ou qui doivent aller à un rendez-vous. Ici, vous dégustez. Vous ressentissez. Vous savourez. Vous inspirez et goûtez le terroir du Sud de la France. Ne vous y trompez pas ...

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    Le Candille: Michelin Dining in the South of France

    You do not ‘eat dinner’ at Le Candille. Dinner is for those who are in a rush; who have a television program to watch or a place to be. Dinner is for people in a hurry. Here, you dine. You experience. You savor. You breathe and taste the terroir of Southern France. Make no mistake - this is local ...

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    By Elena Chekalova on December 29, 2017 in

    provence, vin, rosé, michelin

    Elena Chekalova explique comment accueillir l’automne à l’aide d’une omelette de Provence et bien sur,  une boutaille de Rosé....

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    Mettez-vous au parfum!


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    Seeing the world through rosé

    By Elena Chekalova on October 19, 2017 in

    wine, food, provence

    Elena Chekalova discusses how to welcome autumn with the help of a very special omelette from Provence and, of course, a bottle of Rosé....

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